About us

Bistar is a family-owned enterprise operating since 1992


The company began its activity as a steel wholesaler, and its trade was based on products from the largest steel mills in Russia and the Ukraine.

In 1996, we started a new profile of activity, plastics processing, and more precisely, injection molding technology. With time, it turned out that this is a forward-looking direction, so we placed emphasis on strong development and investments in this field. We were mainly oriented towards the Household Appliance, Autogas and Automotive sectors.


Seeking new production capabilities while simultaneously operating in the Automotive and Autogas industries, we launched the production and assembly of cable harnesses in 2013. We make complete harnesses for LPG systems and for the bodies of cars or agricultural machines.


In 2014, since we already had a great deal of experience in plastics processing, we decided to expand this department with extrusion technology. Undertaking the production of difficult and demanding products was a natural next step for us. LED profiles proved to be such a product. Within several years, we became one of the several leading manufacturers on the market. Currently, besides LED profiles, we extrude various products for the automotive, furniture and dairy industries.

The basis of the company’s activity is now production focused around the plastics processing industry. We specialize in manufacturing technologically advanced parts from thermoplastics using injection molding and extrusion as well as in the production and assembly of electrical cable harnesses.


Creating a culture of cooperation based on partnership, reliability, credibility and mutual trust is our recipe for success. In-depth market analysis, continuous improvement of skills, modernization of production technologies and many years of experience make it easier for us to look for solutions to the problems we are tasked with solving. Over the years, our company has substantially enriched both its machine park and staff, which has made it possible to expand our offer. New investments are carried out based on our own funds and EU subsidies.
The ISO 9001 certificate we have held since 2000 confirms our professionalism, flexibility and optimization of applied solutions. Thanks to the rationalization of production costs and product quality, our offer is very competitive on the market. Our priority is to satisfy the Customer by delivering products and services on time.


National Court Register: 0000126790
NIP (Taxpayer ID No.): PL5420202871
REGON: 050504279
Year founded: 1992
Company’s legal status: Limited partnership
Initial capital: PLN 2,100,000