We handle extrusion of components intended for the lighting, automotive and dairy industries. Thanks to our modern machine park, we are capable of extruding any type of plastic, and even combining different types, which is called co-extrusion.


We process the following materials, among others: PCV, PMMA and PC 





Lighting industry - LED profiles

  • Lenses
  • Transparent, frosted, milky, colored profiles
  • Coextrusion - profile made of e.g. PC + TPME seal
  • Knurled or with micro-prism - pattern pressed onto surface layer
  • Additives improving UV resistance, impact resistance

Automotive industry

  • Protective PVC tubes with different hardness scales and cross-sections - from dia. 3 mm to dia. 22 mm. They are mainly used for electrical cable harnesses

Dairy industry

PVC milk hoses, intended for contact with food, product certified by PZH - the Polish Institute of Public Health. We offer the full range of sizes:

  • 14x24
  • 16x26
  • 7x13
  • 7x13 - double

Machine park

We possess single-worm extruding presses with diameters of 45 and 60 mm. We work on tried and tested machines from Polish and foreign manufacturers: Friul Filiere, Ichemad, Solgam. Moreover, we collaborate with domestic tool shops, thanks to which we are able to personally participate in and monitor the process of creating new forming tools