Policy quality


Overarching goal of the Bistar company is to manufacture high quality products that meet market demands.


We intend to achieve this goal by:


  • adaptation to customer needs,
  • use of materials from known suppliers,
  • the current analysis of quality of our products,
  • continous control of manufacturing process and analysis of capability,
  • care about growth of the qualification and consciousness of the employees.


We believe that the application of these principles provides complete satisfaction and appreciation.




Quality Confirmation


In November 2000, the Bistar company has received from the hands of the certification body Bureau Veritas Quality International, Quality System Certificate ISO 9000: 1994 for the production and assembly of elements and components made from plastic.

In June 2013 during the renewal of ISO 9001: 2008 its scope was extended to the area of activity related to the design and manufacture of electrical harnesses.


The company received a certificate:


ISO 9001: 2008 for the design, manufacturing and sales of plastic parts and electrical harnesses.


Strategic goals:

  • Achieving customer satisfaction
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and processes
  • Augmentation of additional benefits to the company and customers


Our priority, as the production company, is to design, manufacture and deliver products in accordance with current standards, continuous improvement of quality and provide professional, comprehensive support of business processes. Implementation of a quality management system made it possible to organize these processes, assignment of responsibilities and accountability of each employee, increase actions in the interest of the client, strengthening the company.