Policy quality


BISTAR A. Burak General Partnership sets the production of high-quality products meeting the market’s high requirements as its overriding objective.



We intend to achieve this objective by:


  • adapting to customers’ requirements,
  • manufacturing high-quality products meeting the requirements of both customers and the market
  • applying the best materials from renowned manufacturers,
  • raising the qualifications and awareness of workers,
  • continuously improving production and management processes
  • adhering to the quality management system,
  • engaging the entire team in the achievement of qualitative goals.


We believe that applying the above rules will ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction and appreciation.




Confirmation of Quality:


In November 2000, “BISTAR” received the ISO 9000:1994 Quality System Certificate with regard to the manufacture and assembly of plastic parts and subassemblies from the Bureau Veritas Quality International certifying body.
In June 2013, when the ISO 9001:2008 certificate was renewed, its scope was expanded by the area of activity related to the designing and production of cable harnesses.


The company obtained the certificate:


ISO 9001:2015 certificate concerning the designing, manufacture and sale of plastic products and cable harnesses.


Adopted strategic goals:


  • Achieving customer satisfaction
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and processes
  • Bringing additional benefits to the company and to Customers


Our priority as a manufacturing company is the designing, manufacture and delivery of products according to applicable standards. We constantly improve on product quality and provide professional, comprehensive support of all processes occurring within the company. Implementation of the quality management system allowed us to organize these processes, assign the appropriate scope of obligations and responsibilities to every worker, enhance activities in the customer's interest, strengthen the company's position with respect to other manufacturers in Poland, and improve working conditions and organization throughout the company.